Why You Should Get Legal Support If You Suspect Nursing Home Misconduct

Why You Should Get Legal Support If You Suspect Nursing Home Misconduct

When we send our loved ones to a nursing home, it is always done with the simplicity trust that they will be well looked after and given all of the attention which they require. Sadly, however there are some cases whereby we see misconduct at the nursing home, usually by a single member of their team. This is something which can be tough to confront for the family, but if you suspect that this is happening to your loved one, here is exactly why you must seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer.

Advice Before Everything

There is no point in confronting the nursing home about what you suspect may have happened, because this could give them time to begin something of a defense. Documentation could be destroyed, and things can be put in place which would help the nursing home deny what has been going on. This is why you are better off staying quiet and seeking advice from a legal professional. They will be able to tell you how to proceed and what information you will need to gather at this stage.

Taking Claims Seriously

It can be a difficult situation if you have heard your elderly family member complain about potentail misconduct, this is even harder if they are not of sound mind. This unfortunately is often how some nursing homes get away with these claims, because they suggest that the patient is mentally impaired. If you seek support from a legal professional however they will be able to help you in trying to identify whether or not something is taking place in the nursing home.

Stopping The Problem

You may wish to simply take your family member out of the nursing home and place them elsewhere if you suspect that there is some foul play taking place. If you do this however then you will vie essentially letting the nursing home get away with what they are doing. Given that they have a day of care to their patients, if they are committing any level of abuse we have to make sure that they see justice and that they are not allowed to continue this activity. Speak to a lawyer as soon as possible and then you can take steps to get your family member out of the nursing home.


If the nursing home is found guilty of abuse, you and your family will be awarded compensation. This is critical because you will no doubt have been paying quite a large sum of money for the care of your family member. Beyond this you are likely to have gone through emotional pain, and so too will your family member. Compensation may sound crass but it is how you will get your money back and how you can hit the nursing home where it hurts.

This is why you should always seek legal advice if you suspect that a nursing home is guilty of misconduct.

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