Why Choose ST Ptersburg DUI Lawyer?

Why Choose ST Ptersburg DUI Lawyer?

Despite being the most careful person around especially while driving, it would not be a surprise if you are faced with a DUI offense. Even the innocent finds themselves in courts trying to prove their innocence in vain. DUI is a criminal offense that attracts severe charges.

It threatens your freedom, your finances, and your driving license too. Hence, it calls for the attention of an expert. This is where ST Ptersburg DUI lawyer from Hersem Law Firm in Florida comes in. You get an attorney with profound knowledge of DUI laws in the state. Hence, the attorney will find the right approach to lessen the penalty.

The entire process needs skills and professionalism to get a fair outcome. This is why you must find the right attorney. Not forgetting that it’s your life that it’s at stake so you can`t afford to choose just anyone. Later you are going to find out why you should go for an ST Ptersburg DUI attorney.

What are the possible consequences of a DUI offense?

DUI charges differ based on multiple factors. This also includes the criminal history of the accused. If you are faced with a second DUI offense, your case will be handled differently from a person faced with the first DUI offense. The third, fourth, and fifth offense only lead to severe penalties.

DUI offense attracts the following penalties

  • Lengthy jail term
  • Suspension of your driving license
  • Costly fines
  • House arrest or probation
  • Expensive auto-insurance payments
  • A long-term criminal record
  • Limited license programs
  • Your vehicle can be confiscated for 10 days
  • Community service and many more

 The above offenses are just a fraction of what awaits you without a DUI lawyer in the picture. Things can get even tougher in cases where the accused has caused bodily injuries to the affected party. However, with a DUI attorney, you won`t have to bear the stress all by yourself.

Find the right DUI lawyer for your case

If you are looking for the best lawyer to represent you in court, ST Ptersburg DUI attorney will impress you. Besides the high level of professionalism, the lawyer will use a great approach to handle the case. The process will save you money and long-term negative consequences. Here are reasons why you should go for such a lawyer;

ü  Broad DUI experience

What you need is not just an attorney holding a license but one who major in DUI cases and highly experienced too. The lawyers in question have a long record of successful court presentation thanks to the extensive DUI knowledge.

ü  Great court track record

You will get a lawyer who is conversant with DUI cases representation in courts. A lawyer with a great profile increases your chances of winning the case.

ü  Zero criminal record

The right lawyer should be blameless without any trace of malpractice on their side. Being represented in a DUI defense by an attorney with clear ethical records will add value to your case.

ü  Excellent arguments

Besides having unmatched communication skills, the lawyer will bring to the table sensible arguments that will attract favorable results. The arguments are based on the research done by the DUI lawyer regarding your case. Also, you will enjoy legal services at very friendly prices.

In conclusion, you need a shoulder to lean on while faced by DUI charges and a competent ST Ptersburg DUI attorney will have your back. With just a single click in search of the right DUI lawyer, you are bound to win the case.

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