Insurance And Personal Injury Lawsuits

Insurance And Personal Injury Lawsuits

Personal injury suits are very common. Regardless of whether you injured someone or you are injured, your insurance plan is going to most likely cover everything. However, this does not mean all cases are open and shut.

There are insurance investigations that happen. During them, you need to hire professionals like Regan Zambri Long personal injury lawyers in Washington DC to protect all your best interests. What information is shared will surely outcome the entire case.

The Insurance Company’s Investigation

Before the case reaches a lawsuit, the insurance company (yours or that of the other party) is going to conduct an investigation. It is done with the purpose of settling. We thus have the following common steps of personal injury claims

  • Filing the injury claim

When involved in an accident and someone was injured, all involved parties have to contact insurance companies. This is what starts the investigation of the insurance firms so they can determine the party at fault, the amounts owed, and the amount that the insurance policy can cover. At this stage, you can easily say something wrong, and it will affect the amount you can recover.

  • The initial call

After you file the claim, the insurance adjuster is going to get in touch with you. They do this after gathering some information for the investigation of the company. Adjusters work for insurance companies so they will do all that they can to pay less. This is why you have to be careful how much and what information you share. Never acknowledge fault and be very careful what you say. Copies of police reports, medical records, and several other documents will be needed, as long as they are related to the injury claim. Experienced injury attorneys will be capable of advising you about how to deal with the questions of the adjusters.

  • The settlement offer

When the investigation shows you were injured because of the actions of the other party involved, the company will offer a settlement. You have to sign a document in which you accept to receive the money promised. After signing, you cannot recover future claims. Basically, this means that if you will need to deal with medical problems in the future because of the injuries you suffered, you cannot get anything extra. That is why you need to be 100% sure that the settlement offer is going to cover absolutely everything you need.

When The Insurance Settlement Is Not Enough

When injured because of the actions of someone else and the insurance company does not offer a satisfactory settlement that can cover all costs, a lawsuit is necessary. Personal injury lawsuits can seek extra damages from the insurance company or from the individual who was at fault. Even parties that played some role in your injury can be charged.

In a personal injury lawsuit, things become quite complicated. You need to be sure that you discuss every single detail with your attorney so that you can receive something that is appropriate, which is not always offered through the actual insurance settlement. Lawsuits tend to be complex though so you should never go to trial without an attorney.

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