Broadside Motorcycle Accidents Causes

Broadside Motorcycle Accidents Causes

Motorcycle Accidents

If one vehicle hits another from the side, we say it is a broadside accident. With broadside motorcycle accidents we obviously talk about motorcycles being involved in the collision.

The big problem for the motorist is that a broadside accident is very dangerous. The motorbike does not offer much in terms of protection. If the motorcyclist is broadside by a larger vehicle, we are talking about a very severe situation. Injuries are so much more serious and there is always the possibility that the bike will be completely totaled. As you can so easily imagine, broadside collisions stand out as some of the deadliest motorcycle accident types right now.

Most Common Causes for Broadside Motorcycle Accidents

Broadside motorcycle accidents have several possible causes, but they are basically the same ones as we see with broadside car accidents. The big difference is that the small size of the motorcycle and even its shape will make it so much more difficult to even see that danger is coming your way. Basically, as a motorcyclist, there is a higher risk of being a victim at the end of the day.

The most common causes for broadside motorcycle accidents are the following:

  • Intoxication – Any driver who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs has a high chance of committing serious traffic violations, which could easily lead to broadside accidents. Impaired senses are also very dangerous since there is a lower possibility the driver will even notice there is a motorcycle that is going to cross.
  • Distraction – Any type of distraction is going to potentially cause broadside motorcycle accidents. But, using cell phones is a very common distraction cause right now. The reason for this is that smartphones are always available and so easy to use that there is always a high possibility that accidents will happen.
  • Running red lights – A motorist that runs red lights can easily end up faced with tunnel vision problems. This will make it much less likely to end up seeing motorcycles.
  • Not yielding right of way – The drivers that do not see motorcyclists when stopped at yield signs or who roll through stop signs can always hit a motorcycle and cause the broadside collision.
  • Not checking blind spots – Motorists who want to switch lanes while they drive on multilane roads and who do not check blind spots can easily hit unseen motorcycles.

Time To Lawyer Up

When you are involved in a broadside motorcycle accident, the most important thing is obviously to get the medical treatment you need. However, after that, as soon as it is possible, you need to hire a good motorcycle accident attorney. This is because you are entitled to financial compensation to cover all your damages, ranging from medical expenses to the psychological effects of the crash.

Find those motorcycle accident attorneys that are highly experienced at what they do. Find those with a spotless reputation and do not make the mistake of not having one when you meet with insurance companies simply because you think the case is a very simple one. There are always possible complications and insurance companies are never fully honest with victims.

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